Artist Statement

Nostalgia, bringing new life to the old, and textiles are the means used to create this current body of work.

Being raised by “Depression Babies” of the 1930s, my grandparents shaped the way I interact with the world and objects that I use. Using thrifted or hand-me-down material culture, I create sculptural pieces that revolve around the idea of “using what you’ve got” and not wasting anything, thus reviving and repurposing everyday objects that would otherwise be thrown out.

My practice also involves fusing these second hand items with my love of textiles. Each piece fuses abstraction with handiwork derived from my hands or by others. As a child I was taught by my grandmother to sew, embroider, and crochet. By intertwining these I create artwork that evokes a sentimentality and brings home and handicraft into a modern space.